Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Election Month?

November 4th is marked on everyone's calender as Election Day. So how did 2 million people vote weeks before then? 

According to John Fund from NationalReview.com, "In Florida a third of the electorate will vote by mail, a third will vote early by going to a voting center, and a third will cast their ballots on Election Day." This means that only a third of Florida's voting population will show up in person to the polls. The other two-thirds of the voting population are sending in absentee ballots. Keeping in mind that John Fund writes for the National Review, which is an extremely conservative news commentary and opinion website. He goes on to condemning the gaining popularity of absentee voting, and the fact that 35 states don't even require an excuse to obtain a mail-in ballot. Thus, he thinks that due to these early votes, Election Day has unofficially become Election Month.

John Fund and many others are worried of the dangers of absentee ballots. They argue that absentee and early voting can easily make way to massive fraud and corruption. With little surveillance over millions of voters, many people can be pressured by "harvesters" who sway their vote, usually with money, to make certain decisions. 

Is this dangerous?
In contrast to John Fund, those on the more liberal side favor early voting. They argue that it fits into the convenience of life. Not everyone can afford missing work nor sparing the time to wait in the long lines. Obama's 2008 campaign put heavy emphasis on targeting the demographic of early voters. Mainly because he wanted the working class and younger voters on his side. His tactics seemed to have worked because early voting has increased the overall turnout of votes and he won the presidential election. 

I think early voting can really be a good thing and sending in absentee ballots isn't as dangerous as some say it to be. But I do agree that it is unfair to the candidates to not have the chance to win over last minute votes with the final debate. So if it were up to me, I would probably decrease the time span of early voting to about two of three weeks prior to elections and re-schedule the final debates to before early voters can send in their ballots. The world is speeding up and finding new ways to keep up with it is never really a bad thing. The more people that vote, the better voice America as a whole has.