Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fast and Easy

As with every era of history, American culture has shifted. Americans now lean towards  a more “push-button mentality,” meaning that people are always searching for quicker, more efficient, and easier ways to do things. An example of this is the love for smartphones. With each new update of smartphones, advertisements shout, "do things simpler and easier," "do things faster", "do them better."


Above is an example from the New IPhone6 Ad. Notice how in that short segment they use words like, "fast, easy, secure" and "You simply pay by placing your finger on the TouchID." These are the types of advancements that play into this American push-button mentality.The overall pace of existence has just been accelerated. It is no longer part of American culture to sit around on a Sunday morning, and read the newspaper for two hours. People are looking for quick sound bites, faster ways to find what they want to know, and as much information as efficiently possible. 

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