Tuesday, April 14, 2015

News Just For You

Not only did the 1980s give us Full House, New Kids On The Block, and Dirty Dancing but it also gave us the start of the 24 hour news broadcast. Instead of filling up only a 30 minute time slot, reporters are now tasked to fill up 48 of those 30 minute time slots in a day. How much news is there really to report? 

Well really, not much. In a more than competitive race for viewership, overblown stories and biases have engulfed the news. This has created and evident polarization between the different network news stations available on television.

 For example, Fox news has been widely noted as a highly conservative news network, so who do you think their viewers are?

Mainly, white older males.According to a study done through The Wire, " Fox News's viewership is aging out of that key demographic, even as the overall median age of cable news viewers remains high: the median ages for the three cable networks in May were 62.5 (MSNBC), 62.8 (CNN), and 68.8 (Fox News)." 

With the unlimited access to different choices of news, viewers are able to hear the news they want to hear. Is it right for news to appeal to certain audiences? 

All networks make choices on what stories to highlight, which experts to bring in, even the order of the stories that our shown. But, personally, I feel like this leads the general public into opposite ends. With one side not understanding the other and visa-versa. I think generally this is making the public more ignorant to the thoughts of others, by the way they hear the news through different channels. 

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