Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good Morning, Baltimore!

Since August 9th of last year, the day Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson - there has been national tension on the relationship of law officials and African Americans. Riots, civil unrest, and many protests broke out, not only in the streets of Ferguson, but all over the world. #Blacklivesmatter is still trending on Twitter today. Yet, sadly, history repeats itself. Just soon after Ferguson, protests have broken out in Baltimore over an eerily similar situation. Freddy Gray sustained injuries from an arrest by a police officer - and then shortly died soon after. Just like Ferguson, protests have broken out and spread to every corner of the nation. ((I've blogged about these protests, and similar protest symbols before (click here and here)). 

While looking online, I noticed a strange parallel to one of my favorite childhood musical movies, Hairspray. On the right is an image taken from a scene in the movie and on the left is an image of the real-life protests in the streets of Baltimore today. Both protests are set in Baltimore and both are standing up for equality. Similarly, both marches are made up of, mainly, young African Americans and a few other white people. I think it's important that both protests are set in Baltimore because according to the Census, 63% of Baltimore city is African American. It's interesting that in a city that is predominately African American, there is still so much inequality in both scenes. The only thing that is different between there two images is the time period. These two scenes are 53 years apart.

 Have we made any progress? 

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